76th Anniversary of Sri Lanka Independence



Message From Rasika Harischandra
President, United Sri Lanka Association-Auckland (2023)
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Latest Activity - Year- end Get-together 2023

We held our year-end/X-max Get-together on 3rd Dec. 2023 at the Auckland Netball Center. Here is a part of opening speech by our president Rasika Harischandra

Other Activities - 2023

Project to assist  Sri Lankan’s Affected by Recent Natural Disasters

25th June 2023

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Seniors’ Trip 2023 

28th August 2023

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All Free Day

05th August 2023

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About Us 

Welcome to USLA


We are here in Auckland to serve

our Sri Lankan community

 Our objectives:


1.    To promote goodwill and unity among all Sri Lankans.

2.    To uphold unequivocally and promote Sri Lanka as a single sovereign  state  in 

        which all people have equal  rights and can live in peace and harmony.

3.    To promote the interests and welfare of its members.

4.    To help members in their orientation to New Zealand way of life.

5.    To promote social, cultural and sporting activities among its members.

How We Got Started

In the year 1983 a small group of Sri Lankans got together and established USLA with the aim of ‘portraying the true political situation in Sri Lanka and promoting the Sri Lankan culture in New Zealand’. At the time the organization did everything possible within its capacity to help Sri Lankans in our mother country, who were affected by the terrorism. USLA, Auckland Branch gained full legal status with the registration of our organization, on 26 Nov 1998, with the New Zealand Companies Office, under the title ‘United Sri Lanka Association (Auckland Branch) Incorporated’. USLA has been catering to our Sri Lankan community in numerous ways up to now and will continue to do so.

Where We Are Now

We organise following yearly events for the benefit and enjoyment of our community.

a. Independence day celebrations
b. Sinhala-Tamil New Year celebrations
c. Musical shows
d. Organising events to promote  the talents of our younger generation and members

e.   Language Day event
f.   Organising other events relating to important current  matters

g.   Annual tour for the seniors
h.   Organising seminars etc for the benefit of our  community
i.   Making donation to various individuals and societies in NZ and in Sri Lanka
j.   Participatiing in events organised by other organisations
k.   Any othr activity that benefits our community

How You Can Get Involved


Do you need any help from USLA ? OR
Can you advise our fellow Sri Lankans when they need help?

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