Become a Member 

Join the USLA and be a contributor to a worthy cause! Let’s get together and enjoy being together!

Fill the Membership appllication today and send it to our secretary along with an advice of payment of membership fee, $25,  for a year. Please see the details given in the application form.




I hereby apply for the membership of the United Sri Lanka Association. I undertake to abide by the objectives and rules stated in the Constitution of the Association on acceptance of my application. I understand the objectives of the Association are:

1. To promote goodwill and unity among all Sri Lankans;
2. To uphold unequivocally and promote Sri Lanka as a single                     sovereign state in which all people have equal rights and can live in  peace and harmony;
3. To promote interest and welfare of its members;
4. To help members in their orientation in New Zealand way of life;
5. To promote social, cultural and sporting activities among its                      members

ANNUAL (calendar year) SUBSCRIPTION FEE = $25 (for Family or Single)
Can be paid to the Treasurer in Cash if you are submitting a printed application.